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The Products and Services we offer utilize innovative and flexible funding alternatives to assist you with your projeC-GAPcts.
When your banker has said no, and other avenues are blocked, C-GAP can help you traverse that financial void by providing a bridge to your goals. 
We understand that your projects are important to you and that's why we work tirelessly, with our network of funding sources to create the perfect solution and to provide you the best possible service.
Here are just a few of the services we offer:
We offer assistance in financing Real Estate transactions from attaining mortgages and refis for buyers and owners; to purchasing property from motivated owners and sellers; to purchasing mortgage notes from note holders.
The are just some of the many ways we facilitate project funding:
  • POF
  • Bank Instruments (for lease or purchase)
  • Instruments Funding (leased or owned)
  • Buy/Sells

and much more...we work to find a funding solution that's right for you.



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